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Absolute ethyl alcohol

Absolute ethyl alcohol

Series No. : Q/XY-ZJ-ZY-8.2.4-80

testing source storage Batch number 120601
testing basis GB/T678-2002 date of sampling 2012.6.11
specification guarantee reagent date of report 2012.6.11
testing quantity (t) 180    

Testing result:

Testing item technical index testing result single item testing
appearance colorless transparent liquid; mixing with water,trichloromethane and diethyl ether meet qualified
ethyl alcohol mass fraction/CH3CH2OH ≥99.95 99.95 qualified
density,(20℃)/(g/ml) 0.789-0.791 0.790 qualified
mixing testing with water qualified qualified qualified
evaporation residue mass fraction/% 0.0005 0.0003 qualified
acid mass fraction(H+)/(mmol/100g) ≤0.02 0.01 qualified
alkalinity mass fraction(OH-)/(mmol/100g) ≤0.005
moisture mass fraction/% ≤0.05 0.04 qualified
methyl alcohol mass fraction(CH3OH)/% ≤0.01 0.007 qualified
isopropyl alcohol【(CH3)2CHOH】mass fraction/% ≤0.003 no qualified
hydroxy compound(CO) mass fraction/% 0.003 0.001 qualified
readily carbonizable substance qualified qualified qualified
ferrum(Fe) mass fraction/% ≤0.00001 0.00006 qualified
zinc(Zn) mass fraction/% ≤0.00001 0.00005 qualified
potassium permanganate-reducing(O)的mass fraction/% ≤0.00025 0.0020 qualified
testing conclusion: GB/T678-2002 qualified

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